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Home Buying Hangout

Join us for a Home Buyer Hangout!

Thinking about buying a home and have tons of questions but don't want to go meet with an agent or sit through a seminar at a hotel with 15 other people? Neither would we! 

Our Home Buying Hangout is a really cool, laid back, fun class that teaches you the ins and outs about the entire process via Google Hangouts! All you have to do is login and we go over everything you need to know. No need to drive anywhere in 10 degree weather or even put on clothes! Grab a beer (or a glass of wine!) and Hangout with us for 45 minutes. We guarantee once we are done you'll feel totally comfortable with the entire process! 

The Hangout also includes a live chat feature and a Q&A at the end so all your questions will be answered. The only people you'll see during the whole Hangout is us (we're sorry about that)!

More info below and we look forward to Hanging Out with you!

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Which Hangout would you like to... Hangout with us. (We'll work on that). All classes start at 7:30 PM!
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