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Eating the Twin Cities: The Lookout

There may be only one thing that rivals our love for real estate and that's our love for food. We are traveling around the Twin Cities trying new restaurants and new dishes. We'll post our quick "reviews" right here! We hope that it will help you find a cool, new, delicious place to eat out in the Twin Cities area!


We'll be honest, in our search for great eats in the Twin Cities sometimes it isn't about the restaurant, it's about the great deal we saw on Groupon. This one was four burgers (or chicken) and four beers for $35. Great deal. Plus the reviews on the burgers were pretty solid so it was worth a shot. So, after driving through a bunch of neighborhoods to find this joint, here is how it shook out.

Location: 6.5/10. Maple Grove is about 15-20 outside of Minneapolis if there is no traffic so not too bad. Pretty standard if you're a suburbanite. Plus there are plenty of other things to do in Maple Grove both before and after eating. The location is odd in the fact that it sits in the middle of a bunch of neighborhoods. Not off a main road or highway, which made it a bit difficult to find.

Atmosphere: 9/10. We went for lunch (beautiful 80 degree Minnesota afternoon) so the crowd wasn't full and it isn't the interior of the restaurant that gets the 9/10, it's the patio. It boasts a large space with multiple tables, a sand volleyball court, a playground for the kids, bags, and even hammocks. I was instantly sold. The music was good and everyone was very friendly.

Food: 7/10. Just like B52, it wasn't the best burger I've ever had. I opted for the Jalapeño. The rest of my crew had the Buffalo (on toast), and two regular burgers. Everyone was pleased with their choice but not jumping for joy. The tots were solid and the beer was cold. We will definitely head back on a Friday night when they have bands playing. 

Recap: Weird location but solid food and a fantastic atmosphere. We will go back at some point!

Next location: TBD (end of August)