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Eating the Twin Cities: Red Cow - Selby

There may be only one thing that rivals our love for real estate and that's our love for food. We are traveling around the Twin Cities trying new restaurants and new dishes. We'll post our quick "reviews" right here! We hope that it will help you find a cool, new, delicious place to eat out in the Twin Cities area!

Red Cow: Selby in St. Paul, October 

Red Cow came highly recommended and highly reviewed. Rarely do these types of restaurants meet the grade. Fortunately, Red Cow did. It even exceeded in some aspects. Between the four patrons we ordered the: BBQ, Mushroom and Swiss and Ultimate burger. Some with fries. Some with coleslaw. We'll start reviewing with our basic set up:

Location: 8/10. Just a mile away from downtown St. Paul, if you've never been to this area you are missing out! Beautiful early 1900s built homes grace the city blocks and Red Cow sits in between a few neighborhoods along with a few other fantastic restaurants. Also only a few minutes south of 94, this is an easy to get to and absolutely fantastic location. The ambiance is great, there is a large bar, a few larger tables, great booths and an overall top notch atmosphere. 

Atmosphere: 9/10. The servers and hosts do a great job of setting you up for your dining experience. If you've never been to a place before sometimes you feel like if you ask for a recommendation the only things they will tell you that are good are the most expensive things on the menu. Not at Red Cow. The server and host are honest about what they actually love. This doesn't just include the main food, this includes the sides as well. A smaller restaurant, you feel right at home when you step inside. However, if you don't like a dark restaurant, Red Cow may not be for you. There aren't a ton of windows and they keep the lights dim. For most of us, this just adds to the vibe!

Food: 10/10. Let's start with the offerings. The burgers, which we all had, are perfectly cooked. Just pink enough in the middle to keep all the precious juices in tact. The BBQ was topped with delicious pork and had the perfect amount of BBQ sauce. French fries crunchy, not soft. Went with the pepper aoli side and it was fantastic. Bread for the burgers was great. I went with the pretzel bun, $1.50 upcharge, but worth every penny. All four of us were thrilled with our choices and talked about coming back while we were halfway through scarfing down our food. The only complaint I heard was about the coleslaw: not creamy enough. If you only have one complaint from four guys, you know it was good. Also, great beer and wine selection. Plenty of local brews and at the time we went there were a few beers where 100% of the profits were going to a local breast cancer charity which was fantastic!

RecapL We all highly recommend and will be going back soon! Great food, great atmosphere, fantastic location!


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