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True Lifestyle Calculator

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One of the most popular questions we get when our buyers are looking for a new home is, "How much are the utility bills?" This was easy information to get in previous years. You simply called up Xcel or Centerpoint Energy, gave them the home address and they gave you a three month average of the utility costs. Unfortunately, we can't do that anymore. Back in February of 2014 agents were no longer allowed to call and ask for this information for "privacy" concerns. Now we have to rely on the listing agent to get it for us. Not very conveinent. 

However, our local Multiple Listing Service (NorthStar MLS) has recently rolled out a new tool exclusively for it's agents. It is called the True Lifestyle Calculator. This tool allows us to pick the type of family (single, couple with no kids, couple with family), pick the home, and it will calculate  commute costs, water/sewer fees, insurance averages, and tons and tons more. This tool allows us to precisely tell our clients which home will actually be cheaper. Thinking living in the city is more expensive because of higher home prices? It might not be when TLC figures out how much your commute will cost you. 

This is just one awesome tool that we offer. If you have a specific property you would like to know the TLC for, let us know, we'd be happy to get you the numbers!