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Prepping for Snow

Photo by Elenathewise/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Elenathewise/iStock / Getty Images

Don't tell anyone, but it's already mid-October. Although temperatures have hung around the 60s and it's been mostly rain, that fluffy, cold, white powder is just around the corner and so is the winter market. Now, most people have negative connotations about selling in the winter (takes longer to sell, you get less money, etc.). While the market does cool slightly it's actually much less than most think (1-2%) and the buyers are much more motivated since they are trudging through two feet of snow just to see your home. So, if you're going to be the brave soul who lists in the winter, what should you do to prep?

1.) Mats

A good agent will set out "Please Remove Your Shoes" sign but when you're talking an agent, possibly two adults and possibly even a few kids, people are going to end up walking a bit into your house to make room to get their shoes off. With all the snow and muck, make sure you have some good mats that will cover your entrance to keep that much off your flooring. The mats don't have to be expensive, most likely you'll be throwing them away after you sell but they will be important to have during showings.

2.) Salt and Shovels

Walkways get slippery. When you live in your home for 15 years you know the exact areas to avoid but potential new buyers don't. Make sure all your walkways are shoveled and salted to get rid of any possible ice. Nothing sets a showing back more before someone walks in when they slip and fall outside!

3.) Heating

Have a fireplace? Fire it up for showings! Not many things set the mood better in the winter. Don't have a fireplace? That's okay, however make sure you have the temp turned up a bit. I know, it stinks paying a higher heat bill and I'll be the first to keep the heat at 65 and throw on a few extra pairs of socks but you want your home to feel as comfortable to new buyers as possible so don't cheap out on that thermostat! 

4.) Light air fresheners

Unlike in the summer time when you can keep the windows open for fresh air, you have to keep everything sealed up in the winter. When you have pets this can cause a bit of a smell at times. Plugging in one air freshener per level with a nice, light smell on the lowest setting will go a long way towards keeping that sealed up smell to a minimum!

The rest of the standard listing procedures apply in the winter (de-clutter, touch up paint, etc) but going that extra mile in the winter will mean your home will sell faster, which means less trips out into the cold for showings!

Have more specific questions about listing (at anytime), we're here to help! Hit us up below!